About Us

About us

Reason for being:

Our reason for being is the training of the athlete integrally, working both their physical conditioning and thought focus training, preparing the body and mind as a whole, which we develop together, to achieve the sporting and professional objectives of the athletes of high competition.


At Fort Training Academy, we are focused on the pursuit of empowering athletes’ sports skills, building the areas of thinking that contribute to developing the maximum areas of thought that contribute to developing to the maximum psychic potentialities, such as discipline as discipline, sense of achievement, and sense of belonging and as a whole, to reinforce the physical areas that will and together reinforce the physical areas that will allow them to reach the best professional and personal sporting professional and personal potential.


We see ourselves as an institution consolidated and committed to the integral development of athletes, enabling them to find the areas in which they should grow and develop. Development of the athletes, allowing them to find the areas they need to develop to reach the professionalism of a high-performance athlete.